Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First Faceup! Minor Fail...

Hello! Today, I did my first faceup on an Obitsu Designer head! Although it was obviously a minor fail, I had a lot of fun doing it! This was actually a special faceup I did for my mom for her birthday, tomorrow. It was supposed to resemble her in a way but in a light skinned doll. I decided to name her Ran! How's it sound, eh?
This is Ran before I cut out her eyes.
And this is her after I cut out her eyes.

Comparision with a DDH-01 head. (Megumi)
Got me gloves on! :D
Wash in the sink...
And a light pencil layout.
Layer one.
WHIZZAM! Et voila!
Yes, her eyebrows are a little weird but I did fix them a little after I took the last picture. I will put eyelashes in so there isn't a lot of detal but, it was my first try and heck, I'm proud of it! Especially the lips! I love them!. And as we speak, the MSC is drying and I hope I did it right and it dosn't crystal!! Let's hope it dosn't!
Thank you for looking!


  1. Oh you did cut the eyes! Sanding off the rough edges will help with the faceup. Good job for a first run.

  2. Oh, er, I hope you don't mind if I point some more stuff out,

    For the freckles, water down the paint a bit more if you don't have extender or clear acrylic medium. This will help it be a little lighter and use a very slow careful dab to get a dot.

    For the eyeliner, use the side of your brush. It will give you more control. Er....I can do a tutorial if that would help. Sanding the edges first will also help you out.

    The lips aren't bad. I think you just need a smaller brush. Shouldn't cost more that 3USD but then I dont know the area you live in so maybe they jack up the price?

  3. Thanks Invie. I will redo some parts on her after I pick up some better sand paper, I got some before and It didn't work....I think because it wasn't waterproof...
    I love the right side of freckles but my hands was shaking when I did the other side so they're a little wonked...
    when I get thinner brushes I will paint her again probably.

  4. The size of her head is huge compared to my Gretel head...or looks that way in the photo. She's cute!

  5. Thanks. I was suprised by the size too...


Thank you!