Monday, June 27, 2011

First Mini-Meetup!!

Hello! Me and a friend from DS had a small meet at the Bellvue Square! This was actuall last Saturday but I havn't got to posting them untill today! (Whoo!) Check out these pictures (it was realy fun!)
 This is Mihika! kurosu.chan's BBB! She is soo cute in person! (I couldn't stop touching her hands, they are soo different from vynil!)
 Megumi, in her newly worn yukata!
 Feng, being a pest. -_-
 Aww Megumi and Mihika share a quiet moment.... and Feng....
Mihika: Aahhh! No! Get off! Off off off!!!
 Megumi: Whoa!
Mihika: GET OFF!!!
Feng: ACK!
Mihika: Nuh!  *SLAM*
Megumi: Oh gawd...
Feng: !!!
 Feng: (I have been defeated...)
 I'm not sure what they were doing here... I think they were dancing...

 Mihika: Hai there!! :D
 After the mini-meet thing we went to Jamba Juice and got some quick grub. Feng wanted a swig but that was something that would not happen. (I think I see Mihika eyeing those chips over there!)
OMAKE: Feng got her new hands and magnet feet after the meet!! I took this picture on my deep freezer since I didn't have a stand...

Thanks for looking!

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