Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Now THIS is Awesome

Okay, okay, check it out, I was in my garage and there was a mysterious upside-down box just floating there. There was obviously something under it so I took it off and.....
 O_o. A HUGE doll house! And it seems to be tiny scale. SCORE! At this moment, it all came back to me.... I was like, 3 or 4, and my old neighbor made it for me. OoO. Someone made this! For ME!!?? Dang this thing is old. My mind was in a fritz and I immediantly got to da pictures!
 Un-named 11cm obitsu standing in the door way. Sorry, even with the lights on, my garage is pretty dim. The best I could do was shine in the house with a flashlight x_x.
 The doors even have knobs.
 But, there is a large amount of wood loss thoug TxT. I was really little so I probably tore it off (bangs head on desk).
 Some on the roof too.
 Flash light time! You can see the awesome flooring and door to another room! And you see the wall on your right? That is a staircase O_o.
 There seems to be some junk in this room. Hmmm.
 I think this might be the closing mechanism. Huh.
Last picture. You can see her in the stair way! This is so Awesome!!!
Anyway. I couldn;t get it down. The house was on like, a wardrobe or somwthing and it weighs like, 50-100 pounds @_@. I'm going to have to wait for help before I can really take it down. Seriously, this thing is absolutley amazing. I lived by such nice people. I just wish they weren't so old because the wonderful man who made this for me is long gone. Both him and his son, who also helped build this. Can't wait to get it down, but for now....
Drop a comment and wish me luck!
Edit: Oh wow it really does look like a haunted house O_o.


  1. Wow,...what an amazing gift. It's the perfect size for your old lady bitsu!

  2. Haha! Yeah it is!! Now I just have to figure out where to put it...

  3. A haunted house would be so cool! I love that old house. It's adorable!


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