Monday, September 26, 2011

A Package from Japan... and A Faceup?!

Today when arrived home a package was at my doorstep...

 Follow under the cut to see what it is!

Hlj packages thier products really nice. There isn't much (or any) actual packaging in it but the way they wrap it makes it... kinda better.

Waiting paitiently for me to stop aweing at the other contents XD


Haha... all she came with was a bathing suit :P.
"Brrrrrrrr >_<"

*rub rub*
 Her face was interesting. I had a similar head like this without hair but the shap was a little different. I like this one much better because eyebrows are almost defined! Makes it much easier to paint! (critique encouraged.)
"Big sister! :D"
And soon after comes a haircut!
She told me her name was Maria. I think it's cute How do you like her?

Thank you! And drop a comment!


  1. I love the face-up you gave her. Easily as cute as a Pure Neemo or Moma Chapp but with individuality and without the high price tag.


Thank you!