Monday, July 25, 2011


It's been a while huh? I'm sorry I haven't posted for a while. There have been a few things going on during the past weekes that have put me in a somewhat unhappy mood. It started off when I bought a SD sized dress for my sweet Megumi on Etsy about two months ago. Where is it, you ask? Ha ha ha, well the thing is, it never came. I contacted the seller and after a while of nothing I opened a non-delivery case and soon after she replied.(oh so NOW you reply) She said she was on vacation and thought she set her store to vacation mode and I actually felt bad about all of this. She said she would throw in a free skirt and refund shipping and I just couldn't pass up that deal!! After a few days I got a message from paypal saying she sent my package and I was estatic!! Well,
That was a month ago.
I sent a complaint to USPS saying I never got it and even used the tracking number with the message and when I got a reply from them, It said, "Thank you for your cooperation with USPS please help improve our service by filling out this survey and we look forward to your continuing service." Or someyhing like that. And when I first read it I was like...
I was soo angry!! After a day of pulling out my hair and plotting to murder the internet I realized I have been defeated and that I should just give up. And that's kinda what I did...
Not really, the case is still open. They're working on it (I beleive) and I hope I either receive it soon or get a refund. GAWD! Sometimes I really hate people. GEEZ!! If only Peter Masterson were here ( -_-) Don't mind me rambling, I'm just being a jerk. Next time I post I promise there will be real pictures and real dialouge. (Mumble mumble)

Thanks for reading.


  1. yeah. I never had a problem with sellers on ebay until I started buying doll related items. Since then I've had two bad cases but in the end I got my money back.

    Good luck. Next time don't feel bad. I hope it clears up soon.

  2. Hmmmm. The internet these days. Thanks, I'm keeping on their heels -_-.

  3. If you have a tracking number, take that to the actual post office and file a complaint about it. They'll give you the runaround about it not being insured, ect... I had an issue like that with a package of mine and it showed up three weeks later in the mailbox. Go figure.

  4. GENIUS! I should have done it in the first place!


Thank you!